Born in Lisbon, on April 1981, Edgar Keats dedicates his talent to the artistic world. After some years as a musician and following the sound engineering degree, he has worked as music producer and now as a sound designer for television and film. Also, photography became so important that he works as a freelance artist.

The evolution of this art started in 1999 and the serious job as a photographer in 2003. Since then, it keeps growing, always looking out for the icons and the people. By plainly assuming a close and delicate vision of photography, Keats describes in his own particular way the truer and more emotional side contained in a single moment. That is the main reason Keats' attached to the people. It's in their portraits that he knows not only them, but himself. The capacity of communication is always the strongest target.

In June 2015, Edgar Keats launched his debut photography book, Keats Way. This book is a retrospective of his more than 14 years in photography, paying attention to the people and listening to them, on his portraits.

Showing an obvious curiosity for the body language of human forms, colors and textures, a whole set of information is shaped, deflecting the old, weary, pre established and overused conventional methods. More than just photography, Keats redefines "fine art", creating unique masterpieces that will live longer than himself. Those are called Icons.

Thank your for your visit,
Edgar Keats