An Empire has risen, and it will keep rising, and rising, and rising... Until my last drop of blood, I will walk this path and never forget the things that made me everything I am. Wisdom is always an ally, but the instinct and the emotions are the army. We must acquire all the information we can get to make our days the happiest possible. At the end of our battle we'll know that we haven't achieved all of our goals, but at least we did most of it, and by that time we'll have a huge and a very personal legacy.

"Edgar Keats Empire" stands for a very personal way of working with images, creating icons and always caring about the people. Unique masterpieces will travel the whole world in someone else's eyes and mind. There are many ways of illustrating a subject, and my way is to get rid of the predefined rules and do it like I know, like I feel it.

Fight for your Empire.
This is my own.

Copyright © Edgar Keats
All rights reserved.
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